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Adams County Pet Rescue is fortunate enough to be one of three groups that receive training support from the Coyote Ridge Correctional Center Dog Training Program. All available ACPR Ridge Dogs are listed on our Petfinder Page. For more information contact Kyya Grant.


Coyote Ridge Correctional Center describes it best...


All the Dogs in our program are abandoned, strays or rescued dogs from 3 different partnerships that CRCC has with the community. FORGOTTEN DOGS, ADAMS COUNTY PET RESCUE and the BENTON FRANKLIN HUMANE SOCIETY. The dogs live at the Coyote Ridge Corrections Center with their offender handlers for the weeks or months needed for them to learn basic obedience skills, using techniques taught to our handlers by Krystal Ellingson and the SPEAK DOG program.


When the dogs are tested and approved, they are ready to find their forever homes! Each Agency handles their own adoptions and ALL have facebook pages with contact information!



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Program Staff and contact info:

Denise Cook, Class Counselor II,/ Program Coordinator- 509.544.3511

CC2 Jennifer Lynch

Program Coordinator



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